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5.0 out of 5 stars Peace, Beauty, Tranquility

"I was really amazed by the beauty and tranquility in each of these original piano pieces. The style can be described as Debussy-influenced with a strong Eastern twist. I was surprised initially that a non-Jewish composer would be inspired by Jewish folk melodies, but perhaps this album is another example of how barriers between peoples are being broken down. Peace is the soul of this music and this philosophy shows through even in the album dedication, "to all people who are persecuted because of who they are".
Great music for a rainy day and a cup of tea. Highly recommended."

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"The concert was a lovely gift that at times transported me to another world, peaceful and vibrant. Thank you, Lilia."

Kori Kody
Berkeley, CA


“A hidden treasure of our community was revealed to us in all her glory. Her musical gifts, technical skill, and mastery of complex and rich material were glorious. Her personal story sounded like a fairy tale! Bravo Lilia.”

Orna Ariel Lenchner Ph.D.  
Oakland, CA


“I was so happy to be at this concert. I was amazed to learn that Lilia is a composer and that all of the music is her own compositions. I was impressed that she had the entire performance in her head and hands and did not refer to any sheet music. The music itself was beautiful, taking me to another dimension while listening. I have a copy of her CD and when I got home I read her statement about the origin of the photograph on the cover, her philosophy, and her dedication, "to all people who are persecuted because of who they are." Everything about the performance, the CD, the ideas expressed on the inside of the cover, was so special and thoughtfully done. I think Lilia herself is a treasure. I hope in the future more people will come to hear her play the piano and experience her magic quality.”

Gayle Jacobson, Registered Nurse
El Cerrito, CA 


“During Lilia's concert at her CD release party, I was transported by her rendition of her remarkable piano compositions. The first half of the program, soulful pieces based on Jewish folk melodies, took me deep into the Jewish villages of earlier times. In the second half, listening to her most recent compositions, I felt as though I were transported to a lovely sunny flower-filled garden, or floating on a skiff in one of Monet's water lily paintings. I often enjoy listening to the Yearning CD, and am eagerly awaiting the release of her next album.”

Shoshana Dembitz
Berkeley, CA