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As a musician, I am inspired by the depth and originality of Eastern European folk and liturgical music. It is nurturing and healing. Many of these melodies originated in Europe, and many others came from Middle East. These melodies were played and sung by the wandering People of the Book, and perhaps were carried by those ancient exiles who were forced to leave their land.

The photograph on the front cover was taken by Alter Kacyzne in 1929 in Warsaw, Poland. The photograph was entitled “Little Boys with Big Ideas. Student Boys Studying on their Own”. It was published in the West Coast Daily Forverts in a photo essay named “The Eternal Students”. Alter Kacyzne was a well-known editor, publisher, writer, poet, playwright, and photographer in pre-World War II in Warsaw. All his manuscripts, photo negatives, and prints in Warsaw were destroyed. The photograph in the front cover survived only because it was sent, along with some of his other photographs, to the Forverts before World War II. The three boys in this photograph were thirteen years old and would have been young adults at the start of World War II. Their fate is unknown.

I dedicate the music in this release to all people who are persecuted because of who they are.

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Credits and thanks to the people that helped in creation of this CD

Recording, editing, and wise advice: Don Ososke

Website design, CD graphics design: Dilyara Breyer

Front cover photo: by Alter Kacyzne with the permission of Forward Association


Music Sources: I.I. Zemtsovsky, Contemporary Composer Hazzan Richard Kaplan, Mart Heijmans


Yearning, Suite No. 1, Op. 11

01 – Part 1, Sleep, My Child                     
– Part 2, To Life, Rebbe               
03 – Part 3, Hush, the Rebbe’s Wife is Coming   
04 – Part 4, Black Clouds Are Rushing by           
05 – Part 5, One Lamb 1                           

Yearning, Suite No. 2, Op. 12

– Part 1, Sleep, My Child, My Joy
– Part 2, A Little Song in Yiddish   
08 – Part 3, Peace be With You                
09 – Part 4, Zhamele                                 
– Part 5, Three Little Boys                   

Yearning, Suite No. 3, Op. 13

11 – Part 1, One Lamb 2                           
– Part 2, Tell Me, Brother                  
13 – Part 3, A Glass of Wine                    
– Part 4, Sabbath is Here                 
– Part 5, A Golden Child              

Yearning, Suite No. 4, Op. 14

16 – Part 1, Sleep, My Daughter               
– Part 2, Under My Child’s Cradle            
– Part 3, A Little Tree Stands in the Field
19 – Part 4, Under the Little Tree             
20 – Part 5, Over the Attic                        
21 – Part 6, Sleep, My Little Bird               
22 – Part 7, Two Hares Were Running                 

Two Klezmer Melodies, Op. 17       

23 – Part 1, Be Joyful                               
24 – Part 2, Sitting Next to the Rebbe 

Two Nigunim, Op.18

25 – Part 1, Rav’s Nigun, Four Gates                   
26 – Part 2, Nigun of the Baal Shem-Tov 

Yearning, Suite No. 5, Op. 19

27 – Part 1, Only Mama
28 – Part 2, Compassion                           
29 – Part 3, From His Rock We Were Sustained  
30 – Part 4, Purim Day 

Authentic Song Names (PDF)

Proof reading of English text: Reuben Goldfarb

Caring help: Chana Pollack of the Photo Archives of the Forward Newspaper

Recording took place at the and with the piano of the Universalist Unitarian Church of Berkeley, Kensington, CA

Piano tuning: Christopher Johnson and Mark Schecter

Production: Disk Makers